Supplier Based Reductions

In today’s business environment where rigid competition has advanced and become more global, it is  essential for companies large and small to function at a more cost effective method. This formula is constantly subjected to change as costs of goods and government regulations have  also advanced and evolved. One of the more fundamental challenges that purchasing and supply management departments have been faced with is the organization’s supply base. A growing supplier list for our customers is costly to maintain, audit and manage. At SPG our associates have been executing delivery of over 200,000 competitively priced products in numerous industries for over 30 years. Our order processing software gains you access to these products with the ease of a mouse click.


Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

Invoice and Reconciliation

SPG is a highly automated organization with a robust suite of e-Commerce solutions. We have years of experience interfacing with ERP and Planned maintenance systems like SAP, Oracle, Maximo and MP2. We utilize ansi x12, XML and customer defined STFP protocols that allow us to operate efficiently at 100% electronic exchange with our customers.