The team at SPG has the knowledge and over 30 years of procurement experience that ensures a competitive fulfillment process. The Strategic Procurement Group combines low cost transaction services with competitive sourcing and high volume process management. Whether it is a spot buy or a repetitive materials purchase, SPG will competitively shop the item within a robust data base, using geographic price anomalies, seeking out products in hungry markets to find the best source to fulfill your requisition.



Service Standard

  • Responsive
  • Full Transparency
  • Consistent Performance
  • Measurable Savings
  • Error Free Service


Competitive Bidding & Productivity

  • Achieve best price & productivity
  • Evaluate suppliers and supply channels on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure competitive process on every buy, every day
  • Use geographical price anomalies and hungry markets
  • Evaluate alternative sources and products
  • Brand, commodity and market knowledge driven
  • Process managed centrally

Spot Buy and Crib Purchases

Spot Buy & Crib Purchases

  • Identify the right source
  • Competitive bidding
  • Supplier development & evaluation
  • Process orders and manage transaction activities
  • Provide order status and customer service
  • Handle returns & credits & warranties
  • Manage customer satisfaction